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How do you know if your chakras are open? Chakras represent the universal energy system of the body. According to Hindu philosophy, we are all linked to the Universe or the Source physically and spiritually.

The interaction of energies from the Universe emanates from the seven distinct chakras that can be found throughout the body. Ideally, our chakras should be open and balanced – people who achieve this state are healthier, happier, more confident, and can use their power to achieve their dreams.

However, the opposite is often true: that people’s chakras are often blocked and imbalanced, and their chakras remain this way for years. Don’t fret: there are ways to remove the blocks on your chakras and drain away from the negative energies that are pent up there. A chakra can also become blocked if it is underactive or underperforming.

7 chakras

7 chakras and their meanings

How Do You Know If Your Chakras Are Open or Blocked?

1.Root Chakra

Root Chakra is also known as the base chakra, the root chakra is associated with the colors of black and red, and its primary function is to keep you balanced, grounded, and connected to the earth. Know more about the root chakra and its meanings.

how to know root chakra is blocked

How Do You Know If Your Root Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra: The root chakra is blocked if you feel a sense of danger even if there isn’t any immediate danger and you are also constantly in survival mode. An underactive root chakra may cause a person to constantly daydream, which may not be the most productive thing in the world, especially if you have lots of responsibilities to take care of.

How To Know The Root Chakra Is Open?

Root Chakra Opening Symptoms: Your root chakra is open if you will naturally feel accomplished about the things that you have done for yourself, including your achievements in gaining or building wealth, and establishing security for yourself and those around you. You feel wonderfully connected to the Universe, and you can employ your energies quickly to solve problems.


2.Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra can be found right below the navel, and it is the seat of your creativity and imaginativeness. The sacral chakra is associated with the colors of blue-green and orange. Know more about the sacral chakra and its meanings.

How Do You Know If Your Sacral Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of Blocked Sacral Chakra: A blocked sacral chakra triggers destructive and addictive behaviors. Whether it’s sex or food, addiction can easily overcome a person who cannot weather his/her desires using his/her sacral chakra.

How To Know The Sacral Chakra Is Open?

Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms: An open sacral chakra allows people to enjoy life without the dangers of overconsumption and overindulgence. Pleasure is a natural part of life and there’s nothing wrong with it – as long as you keep other parts of your life balanced. An open sacral chakra allows people to engage in intimacy and sex, and you will be able to experience a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and abundance from these activities.


3.Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra can be found beneath the breastbone and is associated with the color yellow. This chakra is responsible for giving rise to your intuitiveness, the capacity to study, intelligence, decision-making, and it is also the seat of your power. Know more about the solar plexus chakra and its meanings.

how to know Plexus Chakra is blocked

How Do You Know If Your Solar Plexus Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra: The solar plexus chakra becomes underpowered or underactive when people constantly dismiss our authority and personal power. This can happen in an environment that is negative and toxic – don’t let people take away your self-esteem and confidence anymore!

How To Know The Solar Plexus Chakra Is Open?

Solar Plexus Chakra Opening Symptoms People who have open and balanced solar plexus chakras will feel confident and powerful, and they will never feel that they must sink into the crowd. Genuine confidence is a sign of personal power, one that people need to be competitive and productive.


what happens when your chakras are balanced

4.Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is associated with the colors of pink and green and is the seat of all forms of love, from platonic friendships to the fieriest relationships. Know more about the heart chakra and its meaning.

how to know heart chaka is blockec

How Do You Know If Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of  Blocked Heart Chakra: A blocked and overactive heart chakra results in the removal of important or essential personal boundaries. You begin doing things “in the name of love” even if the said actions are becoming harmful or inimical to your health or mental/emotional wellness. You are unable to discern whether an action is still balanced just because you are doing it for someone that you believe you love.

An underactive heart chakra, on the other hand, forces people into isolation. They genuinely feel that they cannot be loved and that they cannot establish meaningful relations with other people – and we are not just talking about romantic relationships here. We are talking about social relations in general.


How To Know The Heart Chakra Is Open?

Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms: The heart chakra is concerned with things that make us truly human – love, care, compassion, and kindness.

A balanced heart chakra allows a person to love himself, and this self-love radiates outward to other people and places naturally. An open heart chakra also allows you to feel compassion, kindness, and love even in the worst of situations. You do not feel the compulsion to feel selfish or cruel just because the going has gotten tough.


5.Throat Chakra

This chakra is associated mainly with the color blue. It is also the pathway for universal or divine guidance, and you can use this chakra to communicate with your spiritual guides as well. Know more about the throat chakra and its meaning.

how to know throat chakra is blocked

How Do You Know If Your Throat Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of  Blocked Throat Chakra: A blocked throat chakra can cause you to feel ignored and at other times, invalidated by others. To overcome such a situation, you may often find yourself trying to raise your voice needlessly, but the impact remains negative. This is because you speak not with your genuine power, but only with a louder voice.

How To Know The Throat Chakra Is Open?

Throat Chakra Opening Symotoms: An open throat chakra is a blessing as it allows you to speak and express yourself with all the power that you hold within yourself. Since chakras emanate positive energies, you can speak your mind without cruelty and meanness, and you still emphasize the importance of love and kindness in the way you relate to other people.


6.Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is linked with the color of indigo. This is the center of psychic seeing and natural psychic talents that people already possess. Know more about the third eye chakra and its meaning.

how to know third eye chakra is blocked

How Do You Know If Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of  Blocked Third Eye Chakra: An overactive third eye chakra may cause you to be addicted or attached to psychic activities such as tarot card readings and even some forms of magic. While these activities are not harmful on their own, you must still find balance in your life.

How To Know The Third Eye Chakra Is Open?

Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms: An open third eye chakra allows people to feel their progress in spiritual development.


7.Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the seat of universal or divine inspiration – our birthright from the Godhead. This chakra is linked with the color violet. Know more about the crown chakra and its meaning.

How to know crown chakra is blocked

How Do You Know If Your Crown Chakra Is Blocked?

Symptoms of  Blocked Crown Chakra: The crown chakra cannot be blocked, because it is the seat of the pure energies that help animate the other chakras. Any blockages that occur here happen only because we are human. Some people are closer to having the most balanced crown chakra, while others still have to work on theirs.

How To Know The Crown Chakra Is Open?

Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms: An open and balanced crown chakra translates to balance and evenness in all your other chakras.


How to Open Your Chakras?

meditation to open your chakras


Unblocking a chakra can be done in a variety of ways, but the simplest method is to meditate on the chakras. Meditate and visualize that you are grounding yourself to the earth, and that your crown chakra is feeding pure, white energy to each of your chakras.

The root chakra may be used to ground yourself to the earth, and as you do so, you will feel negative energies flowing from your other chakras toward the earth. Continue meditating until you feel a sense of relief and wellbeing from purifying yourself of excess and negative energies.

How Do You Know If Your Chakras are Open

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