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There are so many ways to display Disney pins at home, and we will teach you the most prominent ones that you can do today.

What do You need for Displaying Disney Pins?

Each method of storage requires different materials, but it would be good if you have some basic supplies and tools at the ready such as a box cutter, a pair of sharp scissors, cardboard, velvet or felt paper, corkboard, plywood, saw, paint spray can, cords or strings, hot melt glue gun, glue sticks, craft glue (industrial grade or ordinary craft glue).

We also encourage people to think of a theme before starting on any project like this. Knowing the theme will allow you to pick the right kind of materials (especially the colors) and you will also be able to add the correct type of embellishments to keep with the current theme.

Remember also that you can create multiple types of storage for your pins. You don’t have to create just one type of storage for hundreds of pins. A display or storage method for Disney pins can house as few as five pins, or it can store hundreds or over a thousand if need be.

You can scale up or down depending on what you have in mind. Take note that some of the projects here are more appropriate for displaying Disney pins prominently at home, while others are designed for long-term storage. Either way, your Disney pins are going to be in good hands.

Velvet Pin Albums

Disney sells its velvet-backed pin albums, and these albums are the easiest way to store your pins. They may get heavy over time because each page can hold anywhere from twenty-five to forty-five pins at a time, depending on the size of the pins that you have at home.

We recommend buying Disney pin albums if you do not have time to create a separate display at home as they work perfectly fine in keeping your Disney pins in perfect condition. If you are worried about the rusting and tarnishing of your older pins that are out on display, you may want to clean them and store them in a pin album, instead.

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Disney Shadowbox

A Disney shadowbox is a great way to frame and prominently display a wide selection of Disney pins. You can create a large shadowbox in less than an hour. You will need a large frame, some craft paper, cardboard, a protractor, scissors, a background of your choice, and your Disney pins.

Step one is to measure how much space you can occupy within the frame because you will be cutting out the outline of Mickey Mouse. With a protractor, create a perfect circle on your cardboard using your protractor. Create two smaller circles for the ears. After cutting these out with scissors lay them down on the craft paper and use them as guides to cut out the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Place another layer (the background) behind the craft paper. Glue together the two layers and begin adding the Disney pins you want to display in the frame. Work on the pins until all the space has been fully occupied. Place the layers you have completed and glue them to the base of the frame at the four main points. Close the frame and you can now hang your Disney shadowbox.

Disney Scrapbooks

Disney scrapbooks are different from the official Disney pin album that we tackled earlier because they can be customized further with materials that you want to use in your scrapbooks. There’s an important distinction between scrapbooks and albums.

An album can be a scrapbook, and all scrapbooks can be considered albums. A scrapbook is often more detailed, and people exert more effort in making every entry in the scrapbook memorable. We highly recommend scrapbooking with ring binders if you don’t have a lot of Disney pins, but would still like to make the pins that you do have more memorable.

You can attach photos, cut-outs, and other accessories to each page when you attach your Disney pins. If you don’t have any plans of trading them later on because they’re going to be part of the family memoirs, you can glue the pins instead of pining them to each page. This will reduce the thickness of the scrapbooks somewhat, and you’re going to enjoy customizing each of the pages as you move along.

You can even ask your kids to help you design the pages of the scrapbook. There are many scrapbooking enthusiasts online too, that specializes in working with Disney pins. You may want to reach out to them to see how they’re doing with their collections. Take note that with scrapbooking; you will eventually end up with a multitude of scrapbooks and albums at home.

Disney lanyards

Lanyards are a cheap way to store any number of Disney pins. Whether you have ten or a thousand, you can use lanyards to hang your Disney pins in any room of the house. They serve as sashes for your pins, and they’re excellent for displaying Disney pins in detail. What we’d like to do to be able to display as many pins as possible is cutting and connecting different lanyards, so you can have a meter or more of space to organize your Disney pins. This is a great way to get organized especially if the Disney pins you have at home come from different eras and have different themes. You can separate your Disney pins by theme, by character, or by the period of their acquisition. The final groupings will depend entirely on you. Opting for longer lanyards is a great way to save space. Also, connected lanyards are easier to remove from the wall once you get tired of them. At least you will be able to store them properly and wipe them down easily because they are lined up properly.

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