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How to store Disney pins

Disney pins are fun to collect and trade, and if you have been a collector for quite a while, we are sure that you are already struggling with how to store them properly, so they will look pristine even after years in storage. We are going to explore a couple of ways of storing Disney pins, from the simplest to the grandest.

Official Disney pin binders

Using Official Disney pin binders satisfies our search for the grandest. These large binders are lined with velvet, and they can be heavy when they’re full. Nonetheless, using an official binder is one of the best ways to store and display Disney pins.

You can store anywhere from thirty to fifty pins per page using the official binder, and they look really neat and professional because of the black velvet background. Serious collectors may want to look into investing in binders and similar storage options for Disney pins to maintain the look and value of their Disney pins.

Plastic shoeboxes

There are two general types of plastic shoe boxes: the stand-alone boxes and the stackable ones. Unless you have thousands of Disney pins, one plastic shoe box should be enough for all your Disney pins.

They’re see-through and easy to stow away, plus these boxes are also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about accidental spills and whatnot. If you have pets around, they won’t be able to get to your pins easily, as well. Just make sure that you place your pin storage box in a location where they cannot be easily accessed by pets or small children.


If you want to display your Disney pins prominently in a well-lit area, use a corkboard. corkboards are cheap, easy to maintain, and depending on their size, can easily accommodate hundreds of pins at any one time. Just remove the pin back on the Disney pins that you want to display on the corkboard and voila – your pins are now ready for display wherever your corkboard happens to be.

Another great thing about cork boards is once they are full; you can always buy another one and refill that one with newer pins. The old board can be stowed away in the basement or garage until you feel like displaying it again. And since cork boards are slim, you can stack two or three easily without worrying about the storage space.


 This may not be the most convenient way to keep your Disney pins, but they do work. What we recommend is purchasing a pile of lanyards and carefully grouping your pins for each lanyard.

You can go by theme, by character, by size, by date of visit to a Disney park, and so on. The important thing here is that there is a meaningful way to group them so when you display them, you can easily tell guests why your Disney pins are displayed in a particular manner.

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Wearable pin ears

If you want your daughter to be able to wear some of her favorite pins, you can construct a headband with a corkboard cutout for the ears. The pins can be affixed to the corkboard ears and you can put a nice bow in the middle to balance things out.

All you will need for this project is a wide headband that can hold some extra weight without falling off, two round corkboard cutouts, a cloth bow, and a handful of pins.

Begin by cutting out the base of the ears and attaching them to either side of the headband. Let the corkboard ears dry. Attach the bow between the ears with hot glue as well. Attach the Disney pins that you like to each of the ears. Two to three Disney pins are sufficient; don’t make them too heavy as they may fall off while your child is walking around the park.

how to store disney pins

Other ways of storing and displaying Disney pins

  • Attaching them to backpacks
  • Attaching them to cloth purses and bags
  • Creating your DIY pin book with a large ring binder, some felt, and cardboard.
  • Displaying Disney pins prominently using a hanging plastic display rack
  • Connecting multiple lanyards so you can display the Disney pins in straight, parallel lines

How to clean the Disney pin?

Disney pins are not high maintenance and they can easily be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. For daily cleaning, just wipe away the dust. Disney pins are made of melted glass, so glass-safe cleaners can also be used in small quantities if you wish.

This may be a necessary step if you have an older collection that has been exposed for a long time. Like other collectibles, a patina will form on the surface of your Disney pins and common household cleaners may not be so effective in removing the patina. This is normal, and it may even be desirable if you are interested in trading your Disney pins later on. Rare pins are collectible and can fetch a good price in the collector’s market.

How to clean Disney pin if it is tarnished?

Some tarnishing may occur on the back of some Disney pins because of the metal parts. Before anything else, wipe down your Disney pins with a clean cloth and blow away the dirt with some compressed air. You may use a small quantity of dish soap or toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the rust. Wipe down again and air dry. We do not recommend any harsh cleansers as you may damage the baked enamel in the pins.

They’re not meant to be cleaned with harsh cleansers, so you will have to work carefully to remove the rust from behind. To avoid this problem in the future, keep new Disney pins in their original packaging to reduce oxidation and the ones in the open should be kept either in a box (like a plastic shoebox) or velvet-lined pin album to keep them safe from rusting.

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