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Face Mask holder, or sometime called mask keeper,  mask storage clip. This is a new but very essential kit to have after COVID-19 outbreak. This article will let you know how to make your own DIY portable face mask keeper/holder with very simple tools and materials. Also, some DO’s and DONT’s when you are using it.

What is a face mask keeper/holder?

Face mask keeper is a portable case which stores your mark in a short time when sometime you need to remove your mask for a short while, e.g. while you’re dining.  It is light-weighted and foldable into a small size so you can store your disposable medical face mask in the holder to your pocket, backpack, handbag or any other places.

Why do we need it to keep our face mask?

With the widespread community transmission of COVID-19, surgical masks are in short supply. Reusing a surgical mask is not ideal. Unfortunately facing the large demand of a global scale, if we do it properly, we can help preserve available masks to professionals who really in need. Using a mask holder is also a wise way not just saving your spending on disposable mask but also reducing environmental impact to our earth because of disposable face masks discarded during the epidemic.

Can we DIY our own facemask keeper?

Sure you can, and it is quick and easy to make. If you are on board using and DIY mask holder, here is a tutorial we share.

Face mask keeper/holder pattern and folding template – adult mask (download pdf file here)

Face Mask Keeper Holder and Template

Face Mask Keeper and Template Pattern

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Only one material is needed – a plastic sheet that is slightly bigger than your mask, around 190mm x 120mm. I cut mine from file folder.


  1. Marker
  2. Ruler
  3. Cutter or scissors


You can make one in 5 minutes. Sounds easy right?

Step-by-Step Guide on DIY facemask keeper

Here is the easy guide on how to make face mask keeper for normal plastic file holder.

Step 1: Mark on a plastic sheet size 190mm x 120mm. Cut it out using a cutter or scissors.


Step 2: Fold the rectangle sheet in half, short side to short side. Apply pressure for a solid fold.


Step 3: Unfold the sheet. Fold the rectangle sheet in half, long side to long side, leaving 10mm gap from the top.


Step 4: Keep the sheet folded, cut a triangular 15mm from top side. Repeat the same on another side.


Step 5: Unfold the sheet, at the bottom part cut out a rectangular of 55mm x 10mm in the middle.




How to use a mask keeper properly?

How to use face mask keeper properly?

How to use face mask keeper properly?

Step 1 – Place the mask outfacing side to mask keeper with nose strip on the upper half. Don’t mix up the side.

surgical mask keeper

Step 2 – Hold the mask together with the keeper, fold the lower flips up.

surgical mask keeper

Step 3 – Fold short sides together.

surgical mask keeper

Step 4 – Pull ear loops to the opposite side and tight the mask keeper.

surgical mask keeper

Here is a good video demo showing how we can store our mask temporarily in a mask holder/storage clip/case.

What kind of mask it can store?

Mask holder is designed to store disposable pleated surgical mask

The design is simple but clever, unfortunately it DOES NOT WORK for any style of olson mask, N95 masks, cloth masks, sponge masks, dust masks or gas masks.

Sanitize before use

Clean your mask holder with sanitizer spray and let dry before use again.

Generally sanitizer sprays available in pharmacy are good enough to use for cleaning mask keeper. You can also DIY hospital grade sanitizer spray according to the formula from The Institute of Personal Care Science.

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What are the DOS and DON’TS?

A few things we should always follow when using a mask keeper

  1. Wash your hands before you take a mask off and after you take it off
  2. When you safely take a mask off, put it between two layers of tissue or paper towel to dry out from whatever moisture it collected
  3. Store the mask in a keeper to minimize the chance getting polluted. Make sure the face of the mask is facing outside
  4. Wash your hands before you take a reuse mask out from the holder and put it on
  5. Sanitize the keeper both inside and outside regularly

Precaution of using a mask keeper

  1. Use a mask holder without washing or sanitizing your hands, simply way is to use alcohol-based hand gel
  2. Store a mask with too much moisture on it
  3. Store used mask in mask holder for a long time
  4. Store more than one mask
  5. Share your mask keeper

Where can I buy one?

For those who looking for buying mask keeper instead of DIY, check out these sellers on Amazon.


Can I style my mask holder?

Sure and why not? Be creative, use stickers, marker, color or pattern plastic sheet to give the simple holder a little bit of character.

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Hong Kong print design by Bynock Printing

Face Mask Keeper and Template

More nice mask keeper designs you may get it from online. Or you simply get it from your very nice plastic folder.

Face Mask Keeper Design Ideas

Face Mask Keeper Design Ideas


Sources: Maskeeper

Sources: ROSEWARD on Amazon

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how to make mask lanyard holder

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