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Jewelry Wire

Beadnova is one of the BIGGEST DIY craft selling companies on Amazon, we offer the best craft products in the world. One of our Best Product is the craft wire!

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Which is our best selling gemstone?

Lava beads – is our all time best selling gemstone on Amazon, also it is the most commonly used beads by those DIY lovers.
Lava beads has a very unique formation and a spectacular outlook other other gemstones!

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Best Company Selling Art & Craft Products on Amazon

Beadnova has been targeting the Art and Craft Category on Amazon in the past 4 years, which makes us the best company selling art and craft supplies.

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Here’s What Our Cumtomers Say

Pain Warrior


These lava beads are natural. They soak up essential oils well, and you really don’t need much to get a strong scent that lasts for hours.

frankie Zappo

Beadnova Costomer

Great quality beads!! They were all in perfect condition and beautiful!! I wouldn’t consider them AAA though. I would purchase again..

A. Brantley

Beadnova Customer

Excellent Jewelry Wire set for jewelry makers, but can also be used in so many other crafts. I would recommend this to anyone that loves to craft.


Beadnova Customer

Awesome beads, love that they are natural gemstones!

Mad Luv

Top Contributor: Jewelry Making

They are beautiful. I was really surprised at the quality. I would recommend these to anyone.


Top Contributor: Jewelry Making

I love these black beads. They look exactly like the picture, they are smooth to touch with no sharp edges. I highly recommend them.

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